Join Red Cross

The Irish Red Cross relies on individuals to join their local branches, establish branches where none exist, donate funds. A voluntary service through membership is one of the fundamental principles of the Red Cross worldwide and is open to all.


So what do you get from the Red Cross?

  • Membership of a global network with 105 million members.
  • Access to safety and caring courses which you can use in the community.
  • Training in life skills, dealing with people, administration etc.
  • New friends and associates in your community and throughout Ireland.
  • Knowledge of events throughout Ireland and around the World.

So what does the Red Cross get from you?

  • Access to more people who need our help at home and abroad.
  • Greater strength through increases numbers and members.
  • Involvement in more communities.
  • New Skills and experiences.
  • Increased funding.

Have you any interests in any of the following activities or services?

  • First Aid cover at events
  • First Aid training
  • Mountain Rescue
  • School Safety
  • Babysitting Courses
  • Annual Respite Break
  • Therapeutic Hand care
  • Carer Courses
  • Safe Lifting
  • Overseas Services
  • Fundraising Promotions

Remember your Red Cross needs you!!