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Irish Red Cross

Irish-Red-CrossThe Irish Red Cross works both home in Ireland and in countries overseas which have been damaged by war or natural disaster.

The Irish Red Cross is part of the largest global network of voluntary humanitarian action in the world – the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement – which has a national organisation in nearly every country in the world – some 188 Red Cross or Red Crescent Societies in total.

Navan Branch
The Branch currently has 50 active members, including EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technician) and EFR’s (Emergency First Responder). It is very active, particularly in the provision of first aid classes to the public. The Branch has Occupational First Aid Instructors and all Branch members are encouraged to participate and assist in classes.

Navan Unit
Navan Red Cross has Two Ambulances, Mini Bus and 4 Mountain Rescue Bikes these can be provided for any event in County Meath or Nationally. Our Ambulances come with a minimum of an EMT and an OFA were possible. The mountain bikes work in pairs and consist of a Cardiac First Responder were possible and carry and AED on each pair.

Training Provided

Currently we are running a training programme within the Irish Red Cross offering all members the opportunity to train from basic to EMT.

Courses Available To:

  • Practical First Aid Public/Members
  • Occupational First Aid Public/Members
  • Cardiac First Responder Public/Members
  • Emergency First Responder Members Only
  • Emergency Medical Technician Members Only
  • Casualty Simulation Members Only
  • Manual Handling and Risk Assessment Members Only
  • Ambulance Procedures Members Only
  • Child Protection Members Only
  • Instructor Training Programme Members Only

Navan Cadet Unit
The branch has a cadet unit offering young people aged 10-16 years the opportunity to learn first aid and get involved in the Option Programme

Navan Youth Group
To add to the youth activities we have a youth group. This is for those that don’t have much interest in first aid but giving them aims by taking part in the Options Programme and Gaisce – the President’s Award

Community Services in Navan
We also have members involved in Community Services (therapeutic hand care) giving massages and/or a manicure to both men and women in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, day care centres and people in their own homes. The relaxing effect of the massage is very beneficial, especially to those who have painful and stiff joints: it can improve flexibility and suppleness.

Nationally the Irish Red Cross offers Skin Camouflage Services (Skin Camouflage is the application of special creams to improve the appearance of scarring and other disfiguring skin conditions).

Facebook Pages
Navan Red Cross Unit Facebook Page
Navan Red Cross Cadet Facebook Page
Navan Red Cross Youth Facebook Page

The Navan Red Cross is a Voluntary Organisation which relies on donations of both time and money from the public.

If you would like to make a donation please contact us either by email at the address shown for further details or through any of the email address on this page.

A small portion of donations to the local branch are forwarded to Head Office in Dublin for use nationally and internationally. For most part your donation to the local branch will be used to further help our community and also towards the following:

  • Training
  • Equipment
  • Ambulance Upkeep
  • Premises Appeal

If you would like to find out more on how you can help us in our community please contact us at the email address below

Email: chairpersonnavanredcross@gmail.com

Mr. Trevor McGovern
Hon.Treasurer Navan Branch